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On The Issues

Job Creation
I will continue to work to lower fees and eliminate regulations and mandates that stifle business and local job growth. I will fight for solutions that promote the free market and that remove the government’s stranglehold on small business owners.

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Water & Agriculture
Our communities are suffering due to the lack of adequate water storage and I will prioritize this interest for our rural county needs. I will continue the fight to put El Dorado County farms and families first.

Law Enforcement & Fire Protection
I will ensure that the county does what is necessary to provide that our law enforcement and fire districts are properly funded and have the necessary resources to protect our homes and businesses.


“Michael has used his extensive business experience to examine the major issues facing our rural communities. Vote Michael Ranalli for Supervisor!” — Chuck Bacchi, Bacchi Ranch & El Dorado County Ag Commission Member

“Michael would be an outstanding voice for our county by preserving and protecting our water and family farms.” — Doug Leisz, Chairman, Citizens for Water

“Michael Ranalli is a proven leader who is committed to protecting our rural quality of life in El Dorado County.” — Maryann Argyres – Past President El Dorado County Farm Trails

“During a Primary, every candidate claims to be a true business leader. In the race for El Dorado County Supervisor, Michael Ranalli is the one TRUE business leader. He has spent years standing up for taxpayers in El Dorado County.” — Lewis K. Uhler – Founder, National Tax Limitation Committee

“Agriculture needs a leader like Michael Ranalli. Michael would be an outstanding voice for our rural county in not only preserving and protecting our family farms, but in driving policies that advance agriculture and economic development into the next generation.” — Christa Campbell, Rainbow Orchards

“From my point of view as an independent voter, Michael Ranalli has displayed the right temperament to get the job done for the good of the individuals he will represent in the 4th District. We can trust that Michael will stand up for veterans on the board. Vet’s have a friend in Michael Ranalli. Please vote Michael Ranalli to the County Board of Supervisors” — Dusty Deryck, LTC, USA Ret.

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