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2018 Endorsements - Michael Ranalli for El Dorado County Supervisor

2018 Endorsements

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Re-Elect Michael Ranalli for El Dorado County Supervisor 2018 Endorsements:

Partial list updated periodically

El Dorado Winery Association
El Dorado County Farm Bureau
Bill Snodgrass, Former El Dorado County Agriculture Commissioner
Greg Boeger, Founder, Boeger Winery
Lexi Boeger, Boeger Winery
Lloyd Walker, Walker Vineyard
Paul Bush, Owner/Winemaker, Madroña Vineyard
Donna Lee Sauber, Sauber Vineyards, Placerville
Bob & Barb Akin, Akin Vineyard, Gold Hill, Placerville
James O. Wunschel, Wunschel & Sons Inc, Rancher, Placerville
Ann Wofford, Wofford Acres Vineyards
Robert & Missy van der Vijver, Winemaker, van der Vijver Estate
Jim & Sherrie Everhart, Everhart Cellars Hart 2 Hart Vineyards, Pilot Hill
Dominic Mantei, Winemaker, Everhart Cellars Hart 2 Hart Vineyards
Steve & Karen Viani, Viani Vineyards, Pilot Hill
Tim Sauer & Danielle Slater, Saureel Vineyards, Placerville
Norman Krizel, Krizl Vineyard, Garden Valley
John & Alexandra Duarte, Owners of Duarte Georgetown Vineyard
Alfred & Sylvia Limbertos, Owners of Twin Oaks Vineyard
Allen Carrozza, 4-Directions Farm, Shingle Springs
Chuck Bacchi, Bacchi Ranch
Jim Dobbas, Dobbas Ranch
Bill Bacchi, Bacchi Ranch, Lotus
Steve & Mickey Borello, Rosa-Lucca Estates, Cool
Linnea Marenco, Owner, Penobscot Ranch, Cool
Martin Harris, Harris Ranch
Christa Campbell & Tom Heflin, Rainbow Orchards
David Bolster, Third-generation apple grower
Maryann Argyres, Argyres Orchard
Jim Davies, Registered Forester, Placerville
Barbara Thompson, Cal*Tex Cattle Company, Garden Valley
Tim Bordges, Bordges Timber, Shingle Springs
Rick & Monique Gillespie, Gillespie Timber Faller, Kelsey

Janine D'Agostini, Owner, It's One Fine Day Events
Marcos Gomez, President, Mountain Enterprises, Inc
Thomas McGrady, California Expeditions, Cool
Dr. Jenelle Palmer, Cool Optometry, Cool
Steve and Rochelle Robello, Cool Beerwerks, Cool
Carolynne Knisley, Cool Feed & Ranch Supply, Cool
Rosemary Borba, Cool Florist & Gifts, Cool
Terry Potter, Cher's Hair, Cool
Nick Brozdounoff, Cool Bunz N Beanz, Cool
Doug Avery, Avery Enterprises, Cool
Rick Wolfe, Qwner, Lotus View Ranch, Pilot Hill
Kathy Drew, Interactive Entertainment, Georgetown
Sol Nisbet, Financial Services, Georgetown
John DuVall, DuVall Wood Creations, Georgetown
Tamara Johnson, Reverie Retreat, Garden Valley
Robin St. Denis, Saints Auto Wholesale, Garden Valley
John Roe, Ph.D., The Discovery Group, Cameron Park
Ken Calhoon, DCOC past President, Pilot Hill, (Golden West)
Doug & Lori Veerkamp, General Engineering, Inc.
Terry & Ellen Stigall, Stigall Homes, Shingle Springs
Jim & Maureen Carter, President, Carter/Kelly Inc., Placerville
Dennis Thomas, C.E.O at Robinson's Pharmacy, Placerville
James "Jack" Sweeney, Land Surveying, Placerville
Laurel Brent-Bumb, CEO, El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce
Linda Hopkins-Davies, The Davies Family Inn, Placerville
Arnie Chandola, American Whitewater, Coloma
Gordon Helm, Dry Diggings Distillery
Kimberly Beal, Beal & Associates
Harry Norris, Businessman
Mountain Democrat, Placerville

El Dorado County Probation Officers Association
El Dorado County Deputy Sheriffs' Association
Merv de Haas, Retired general manager, El Dorado County Water Agency
Vicki Ludwig, EDC Commission on Aging, Placerville
Marty Hackett, placerville
David Zelinsky, Attorney, CPA and long time ARC Member
A.L.Hamilton, Attorney and Senior Advocate
Hal Barker, El Dorado County Sheriff (retired)
Cathy Nerwinski, Sac Valley Crime Stoppers
Bob Smart, Outdoor Advocate, and retired forester & wildland firefighter
Tim Palmer, Educator, Social Science & Economics, Cool
Marta Harris, Teacher, Gold Trail School
Kevin Brown, El Dorado Union High School District, Trustees
John Knight, Los Rio Community College Board Trustee
Lori M. Veerkamp, El Dorado Union High School District, Trustees
Brian K. Veerkamp, Fire Chief of the El Dorado Hills Fire Department (Ret)
Doug Hus, El Dorado Hills Fire Board Director
Dan Miller, Nevada County Supervisor - District 3
Rex Bohn, Humboldt County Supervisor - District 3, Chair Rural County Representatives of California
Jerry and Karen Pullin, Mosquito
Patty Borelli, Placerville City Council Member
Mark Acuna, Placerville City Council Member
Wendy Thomas, Placerville City Council Member
Barbara Mikel, Mosquito/Placerville
Connell Persico, Mosquito/Swansboro Country
Korey McConachie, Financial Services, State of California
Sheila Caruthers, Educator
Doyle Ellington, Veteran, Armed Services Volunteer and Retired Educator
Yolanda Goff, Vocation Rehabilitation Counselor
Scott Holman, Fire Captain - Firefighter

Garland Windle DDS, Georgetown
Jillian Firth, Georgetown
Dennis and Liz Keen, Georgetown
Eric Clark, Georgetown
Theresa DuVall, Georgetown
Kristina Fowler, Georgetown
Chuck Hoppe, Georgetown
Steve Rubick, Georgetown
Meg Anderson, Georgetown
Margaret & Ellsworth Rose, Georgetown
Eli O'Dell, Georgetown
Irene Morehouse, Georgetown
Jim & Kathy Hart, Greenwood
Potato Richardson, Greenwood
Wesley Younger, Greenwood
Steve Safhlm, Shingle Springs
Kyle & Emily Smith, Shingle Springs
Gary Campbell, Shingle Springs
Bruce & Elizabeth Drummond, Shingle Springs
Bobbie Lebeck, Shingle Springs
Marty Pastula, Shingle Springs
Terry Rogers, Rescue
Janey Young, Rescue
John & Fran Thomson, El Dorado Hills (Bass Lake)
Steve Long, Cameron Park
Barbara Ashwill, Cameron Park
Lindell & Stanley Price, Cameron Park
Peter Barcco, Cool
Bobby Benoit, Cool
Aloha Adams, Cool
Deb Peter, Cool
Jon & Mary Brommeland, Cool
Cheryl Buckwalter, Cool
Steve and Karen Thomas, Cool
Tony Onorad, Cool
Lee Lydston, Pilot Hill
Suzette Hughes, Pilot Hill
Leah Ann Zogg, Pilot Hill
Ken Hirsohn, Pilot Hill
Michael T. Monroe, Garden Valley
Ken & Enid Deibert, Garden Valley
Lawrence & Sandy Mancuso, Garden Valley
Patti & LJ Babish, Garden Valley
Ashley Rome, Garden Valley
Mark Villalobos, Garden Valley
Wendel Smith, Garden Valley
Ron Wolsfeld, Coloma
Mitch Fadel, Lotus
Carissa Artero, Lotus
Martha de Haas, Gold Hill, Placerville
Fred & Dawn McLaren, Placerville
Jackie Noren, Placerville
Gerald Garvin, Placerville
Jim Copeland, Placerville
Brenda Bailey, Placerville
Cammie Bailey, Placerville
Sally Long Johns, Mosquito/Placerville
Jeff Hand, Mosquito/Swansboro Country
Peter Ericksen, Pollock Pines
John DePierre, El Dorado
Betty January, El Dorado Hills
Dan Kramer, El Dorado Hills
Michael Kobus, Camino
George Osborne, Camino
Kevin & Barbara Artero, South Lake Tahoe
David Long, Ph.D, Folsom
Roberta K Long, Folsom


If you would like to endorse Michael Ranalli for El Dorado County Supervisor, you may do so here:

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