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Ranalli at deskHere is what Michael Ranalli stands for...

Creating Jobs 

I will continue to work to lower fees and eliminate regulations and mandates that stifle business and local job growth. I will fight for solutions that promote the free market and that remove the government’s stranglehold on small business owners.

Water & Agriculture

Mark Twain once said that whisky is for drinking and water is for fighting over. That’s certainly true in California where the storage, distribution and allocation of water has been fought over and litigated by different interests since before statehood.

Our county, and specifically District 4, depends on a reliable source of water not only for our homes but for recreation and agriculture uses. Hundreds of jobs in agriculture and tourism depend it.

There are some who would politicalize water. With water rationing, they can control its allocation to their special interest. However, if we don’t actively pursue our historical water rights and fight to keep the water that has been allocated to us, it will be forfeited to the state for allocation elsewhere. Imagine an American River without adequate water flows to support our rafting community or farmer’s and rancher’s irrigation water diverted to Southern California.

I am committed to securing our county’s historical water rights. I oppose any attempt by the state to impose unrealistic water rationing as proposed by SB606 and I favor the priority of water allocation to agriculture, recreational and environmental uses. We need to keep the water here and not send it south.

Law Enforcement and Fire Protection

I will ensure that the county does what is necessary to provide that our law enforcement and fire districts are properly funded and have the necessary resources to protect our homes and businesses.

Safe Roads

Roads in our communities are not getting the attention they need or deserve. I will ensure that focus is fairly shifted toward our rural needs and that traffic congestion on our arterial roads is a top priority.

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Michael Ranalli Experience

  • Businessman with 40 years of business experience including 22 years with Intel Corporation
  • Owner, Ranalli Vineyards
  • Taxpayers Association of El Dorado County, Board Member
  • El Dorado County Community and Economic Development Advisory Committee (CEDAC), Vice Chairman
  • El Dorado County Regulatory Reform, Coordinator
  • Divide Chamber of Commerce, Vice-President
  • El Dorado County Farm Bureau, Member
  • El Dorado Wine Grape Growers Association, Board Member & Officer
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