2014 Endorsements

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Michael Ranalli for El Dorado County Supervisor 2014 endorsements:

El Dorado County Farm Bureau
El Dorado Winery Association
Greg Boeger, Founder, Boeger Winery
Richard Bush, Founder, Madroña Vineyards (Retired)
George & Toni Forni, Forni Ranch
Chuck Bacchi, Bacchi Ranch
Maryann Argyres, Argyres Orchard
Tom Heflin, Rainbow Orchards
Christa Campbell, Rainbow Orchards
Lloyd Walker, Walker Vineyard
John & Valerie Zentner, Zentner Vineyard
Jim and Sherrie Everhart, Hart 2 Hart Vineyards
Doug Leisz, Chairman, Citizens for Water
Steve Viani, Viani Vineyards, Pilot Hill
Greg & Sharon Baiocchi, Baiocchi Family Vineyards
Carolyn Mansfield, Goldbud Farms, Placerville
Ann Wofford, Wofford Acres Vineyards
William (Bill) Bacchi
Don Lahey, Kingsgate Farm
Marian Leisz, Arrastra Vineyards
Linnea Marenco, Penobscot Ranch
Aaron Hill, Illuminare Winery, Camino
Elizabeth Standeven, Owner, Shaker Ridge Vineyards
Kim Pratt, DK Cellars
Kathy Krizl, Krizl Vineyard, Garden Valley
Chris Delfino, Apple Hill Grower
David Bolster, Third-generation apple grower
Jim Dobbas, Dobbas Ranch
Bob & Amy Day, Mad Dog Mesa, Coloma
Roberta Burns, Moonstar Family Farm, Garden Valley

U.S. Congressman Tom McClintock
State Assemblyman Frank Bigelow
State Assemblywoman Beth Gaines
Lew Uhler, President, National Tax Limitation Committee
El Dorado County Probation Officers Association
A.L.Hamilton, President, County Taxpayers Association
Laurel Brent-Bumb, CEO, El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce
Hal Barker, El Dorado County Sheriff (Retired)
Rich Stewart, El Dorado County Planning Commissioner
John "Dusty" Deryck -- LTC, US Army, (Ret.)
Vicki  Ludwig (Di Vittorio), Commission on Aging
Hal Erpenbeck, Commission on Aging
Todd White, Board Member, El Dorado Union High School District
David Del Rio, Board Member, El Dorado Union High School District
Winston Pingrey, Buckeye Union School District Board Trustee
Janet Saitman, Latrobe School Board Trustee
Trisha Wilkins, Placerville City Council Member
Patty Borelli, Placerville City Council Member
Ken  Calhoon, Divide Chamber of Commerce, Past President
Edio Delfino, Former El Dorado County Ag Commissioner
Merv de Haas, General Manager (Ret.), EDC Water Agency
Betty Linville, Camino Action Committee
Rick Todd, Georgetown Fire Chief (retired)
Noelle Mattock, El Dorado Hills CSD Board Member
Kris & Shanna Payne, California Historical Societies
Betty January, Clarksville Region Historical Society, Past President
Marta Harris, Teacher, Gold Trail School
Rick Eddy, Western Mining Alliance
Jackie Noren
Bill George


Elke Schlosser, Owner, Enchanted April Inn
Steve and Rochelle Robello, Owners, Cool Beerwerks
Paula Seaberg, Owner, Access Diamond
David Smythe, Owner, Smythe Music Repair, Placerville
Doug Veerkamp, General Engineering, Inc.
Patti Smith, Georgetown
Marty & Kat Mendenhall, Wine & Dine Gold Country, Georgetown
Richard N. Prince, Executive VP, Rubicon Soda Springs, Inc.
Kevin Brown, Owner, Breaker Glass
Gordon Vicini, Placerville
David Becker, Attorney, Cameron Park
Bob Laurie, Attorney
Henry Batsel, Owner, Batsel Construction
Mike Kobus, Owner, Koby Kicks Ants
Sabrina Ho, Bass Lake Golf Course
Mike Pettibone, Owner, Short Bus Rides
Garland Windle, DDS

OTHER SUPPORTERS - Partial list updated daily
Kyle and Emily Smith, Shingle Springs
Francis & Susan Carpenter (Carp), Shingle Springs
Steve Cockerell, Shingle Springs
Ken & Enid Deibert, Garden Valley
Ashley Rome, Garden Valley
Stanley and Sarah Henjum, Placerville
Karen Forni-Feathers, Placerville
Meg Smith, Georgetown
Eric Clark, Georgetown
Jane Oates, Georgetown
Linda Schwinck, Georgetown
Esther Prunella, Georgetown
Jackie  Morgan, Georgetown
Ron Wolsfeld, Coloma
Tim Palmer, Cool
Ann Downs, Cool
Cathleen Sarmento, Cool
Dominic Mantei, Lotus
Pat Jennings Kelly, Lotus
Marta Harris, Lotus
Martin Harris, Lotus
Maren Petre, Pilot Hill
Lesa Dalthorp, Pilot Hill
Gary Dobbas, Pilot Hill
Barbara & Kevin Artero, Cool
Theresa DuVall, Cool
Gloria Pingrey, Cameron Park
Eilie Wooten, Cameron Park
Steve Long, Cameron Park
Lindell Price, Cameron Park
Roseann Livingston, Cameron Park
Terry & Charles Vines, Cameron Park
Samuel Miller, Cameron Park
Matt Randazzo, Cameron Park
Chris and Britney Patterson, Placerville
Mary Lynn Carlton, Placerville
Gary Carlton, Placerville
Larry Mancuso, Garden Valley
David & Carolyn Hellerstein, Placerville
Don and Leslie Smith, Kelsey
Steve Klinger, Rescue
Mary Muse, El Dorado Hills
Steve & Beth Ferry, El Dorado Hills
David Zelinsky, Placerville
Felicia Nichols, Placerville
Stan Paolini, Placerville
Judith Mathat, Placerville
Martha de Haas, Placerville
Ray and PJ Presgrave, Placerville
Ray & Michele Kringel, Garden Valley
Janey Young, Rescue
Jeff Haberman, El Dorado Hills
Debi & Jim Allen, El Dorado Hills
Harry Norris, El Dorado Hills
John Hidahl, El Dorado Hills
Dallas Sweeney
Charles and Florance Roessler
Cara  Hutchinson
Bernard  Carlson
Tamara Richards
Doyle Ellington
Bob Smart
Jeanne & Ken Harper
John & LaVeta Stelzmiller
Mary Brown



Endorsed by El Dorado County Probation Officers Association

If you would like to endorse Michael Ranalli for El Dorado County Supervisor, you may do so here:

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